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Thirst for Life is an importer, distributor and retailer of premium cordials, soft drinks and mineral waters. Based in Sydney, we sell throughout Australia directly to cafes, gourmet food outlets, health food stores, hotels and restaurants. Our products are designed for both every day drinking at home and during special occasions such as weddings and balls. The focus of our products is to provide drinks that use only the finest natural ingredients - none of our products contain preservatives or anything artificial. Superbly packaged, the range of drinks and cordials are the ideal product for any retail display or gift. 


There are a huge range of delicious flavours, from the award winning Belvoir Elderflower cordial & pressé (pressé is what Belvoir call their soft drinks because they are made from real fruit, herbs & spices made on the farm), Ginger cordial and Ginger Beer that provides a nice warm feeling as it goes down your throat and now there are three delicious pressé flavours available in cans - perfect for the takeaway market.


We sell through a number of retail outlets through out Australia. To find a retailer near you click here. To find out more about becoming a retailer click here. Or if you would like to purchase our products directly from our website we have a minimum order of just $89. We deliver throughout NSW, ACT, VIC and South East QLD for a flat fee of just $15. If you are outside these areas, please Call (02) 9810 0804 or email us at first so we can provide a quote.



Sansu_Yuzu_Drinks_FenceWe are excited to announce that we have become the Australian importer of Sansu Yuzu Fruit Drinks. Yuzu is a rare, exquisite citrus that offers a delicate and refreshing flavour that gives an intense taste. It is very high vitamin C and certain flavonoids and is considered by many as a superfruit (as well as an awesome cooking ingredient). Yuzu fruit drinks, like all our product, are made with all natural ingredients and without preservatives.

For more information on the Sansu range click here.




NEW FLAVOURS JUST ARRIVEDBelvoir_2016_new_Presse_August_2016

  1. Cucumber & Mint Presse in 250 ml & 750 ml
  2. Organic Dragonfruit & Raspberry 250 ml
  3. Purdey's Edge - a new variety of the famous Purdey's Multivitamin Drink


If you don't know what to try, why not purchase one of our promotional cartons with a mixture of different flavours. 


New trial/gift packs


We have just received new trial/gift packs. Perfect if you just want to try a few flavours or send them to someone you love.

Capable of sending 3 bottles of Cordial or 750 ml Presse. They cost from $28.50 for 3 bottles of Presse plus postage.

To order, please phone 02 9810 0804 during normal business hours.Trial_packs


Purdey's Edge Multivitamin Fruit Drink (Dark) (Bottle Size: 330 ml, Flavour: Purdeys Edge, Still or Sparkling: Sparkling)

$4.95 *

Belvoir Organic Dragonfruit & Raspberry Presse 250 ml (Bottle Size: 250 ml, Flavour: Organic Dragonfruit & Raspberry)

$4.75 *

Belvoir Cucumber & Mint Presse 250ml (Bottle Size: 250 ml, Flavour: Cucumber & Mint)

$4.75 / box(es) *

Belvoir Cucumber & Mint Presse 750 ml (Bottle Size: 750 ml, Flavour: Cucumber & Mint)

$9.50 *