Thirst for Life imports and wholesales the product on this website to health food and Organic shops, gourmet retail outlets, cafes, hotels, restaurants & bars all around Australia. 

The products we sell are of premium quality:

  • they are of the very best quality: using only natural ingredients, no preservatives and nothing artificial

  • many are certified Organic

  • they are beautifully packaged and will look fantastic in any display shelf or fridge attracting customers to your store

  • many are winners of awards - Belvoir's Elderflower won Best Drink in the UK and is a favourite cocktail ingredient in bars all around the world.

  • while Belvoir product may be a little more expensive than other products - that's because as they say in the classics - you get what you pay for - and with Belvoir you pay for the very best product available. Further because they are very concentrated you do not need to use as much as some of the cheaper alternatives

If you are interested in retailing any of these products, please send an email to sales@thirstforlife.com.au or call 02 9810 0804 during normal business hours. You can download our brochure below but prices are only available by contacting us.

Our minimum order for free delivery is $250 in Sydney, $350 to Brisbane, Melbourne & Adelaide and $500 to Perth. Orders can be of mixed cartons, as long as it is the same product/size.


Carbon Neutral - Thirst for Life tries to be carbon neutral. We use 100% greenpower and buy carbon credits for our imports and local deliveries. So even through our products travel a long way to get to you, they do minimal damage to the environment.


Click below to download the Thirst for Life wholesale brochure. This brochure does not contain prices. To get our price list please email us on sales@thirstforlife.com.au or phone 02 9810 0804.

Credit Application Form

Click here to download out credit application form in Word Format.