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Yuzu is a rare, exquisite citrus that offers a delicate and refreshing flavour that gives an intense taste. With bumpy curves and tangy taste, halfway between grapefruit and mandarin and lime (of which it is actually a hybrid) and unique floral undertones. It has three times the Vitamin C of an orange and an abundance of flavonoids that act as powerful antioxidants. For over 1,200 years, Yuzu has been grown in small quantities on the coasts of Korea & Japan. Its unique flavour is sought after, because it offers many characteristics while maintaining a perfect balance between delicacy and intensity. Its taste is powerful, with rich aromatic notes. It offers a delicate and refreshing flavour that gives an intense taste. Yuzu’s scarce production quantity and high costs have limited its usage. However, we hope to make this rare, exquisite fruit more accessible in a ready-to-drink format. Sansu was first launched in London in 2014 to introduce Yuzu to a new audience. It has rapidly grown in popularity and is now stocked in leading retailers, cafes and bars across the UK.

Sansu are the first company in the world to create fruit drinks, which use raw Yuzu juice as its core ingredient. And of course all the juice ingredients are not from concentrate. All flavours are sweetened with grape juice and there are no added sugar, preservatives, flavourings or colourings. The drinks are available in four delicious flavours:

·      Original

·      Yuzu & Blueberry

·      Yuzu & Pear

·      Yuzu & Pink Guava


Flavonoids are organic compounds recognised for their powerful antioxidant activity. Like Vitamin C, they are known to reduce cell damage due to oxygen. The beneficial effects of consuming brightly coloured fruits, vegetables and red wine have sometimes been attributed to flavonoids.

There are two particular flavonoids, Hesperetin and Naringenin, whose health benefits have been substantiated by scientific research publications available to the general public. Yuzu is a key source for both of these flavonoids.


A flavonoid thought to have beneficial effects on skin irritations, blood circulation and inflammation


A flavonoid thought to play an important role in promoting carbohydrate metabolism and modulating the immune system


Yuzu has three times the Vitamin C of an orange. As such, Yuzu is consumed as a preventative home remedy for the common cold in Korea, 
an age-old tradition which continues to this day. 

Yuzu is infused into Japanese hot springs during the snowy winter months. This is an ancient winter solstice tradition. 
The oils in the rind make the skin radiant and relax the mind. 

Yuzu has been featured prominently in 17th century medicinal journals written in the Far East. 
Its noted key benefits were detoxifying the stomach and healing irritable skin conditions.